New Website and Internet Marketing Blog by Geno Prussakov

I am really thrilled to launch this new website of mine! I’ve been sitting on this domain name for nearly five years, but have never used used it for anything else but email.

However, as time has gone by, and I have evolved personally and professionally, the affiliate marketing blog I run at could no longer be fully suitable for all the things that I have to say. If you’ve followed my AM Navigator blog I’m sure you’ve noticed this too. Being positioned as an “affiliate marketing blog” it nonetheless ended up having multiple articles that are either not affiliate marketing-related, or are geared towards much larger audiences than affiliate marketers only.


In the course of the years I’ve written multiple posts on an array of other digital marketing topics (just a few of them are listed above), yet I’ve bundled them all into that AM Navigator’s blog, which, in the first place, was meant to be a blog specifically on affiliate marketing issues.

Today things are changing.

From now on all of my thoughts on areas of digital marketing that aren’t immediately related to affiliate marketing will be posted here at I will also commit to a better categorization of them — so that browsing through my previous posts and articles is an easier task for my reader.

So here we are… Brand new website. Brand new blog. Stay tuned for the future posts; and in the meantime, feel free to review the comprehensive compilation of my previous offline and online publications here.

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  2. Thank you, Sarah. There’s still much to be done to the website, but I wanted to roll it out soon, and as soon I populated the only other three sections besides the blog, I’ve put together the above post, and tweeted it out.

    Glad you’ve liked it. I truly feel like it’s a move to “the next level of me”. So much of what I do builds my personal brand that I simply couldn’t keep putting’s launch off for a day longer. Once again, your support is appreciated. Hope baby Hailey is doing well. It was a pleasure meeting her at the first-ever Affiliate Management Days conference earlier last month.

  3. Hi Geno,

    Congratulations on the launch! Well laid out and a nice shift considering the wide variety of stuff you are covering these days.

    There seems to be one bug in Chrome where the top blog entry shows a bold word “This” and then the CHROME logo but neither are clickable. I think they have to do with your social sharing tools but unsure. Just fyi.

    Congrats again my friend!


    1. Thanks, Brad. I wish I had a panoramic picture by you to use in the website’s header; but couldn’t find any.

  4. Congratulations Geno on your new website.

    I’m a bit conflicted. I’ve always believed that people will become better affiliate marketers if they learn a bit about branding and pr and marketing too. Because you can have the most impact when you bring all of these things together. But I can see how you want to maintain the authority of and not dilute its focus by talking about other topics there.

    I’ll be following both of them ­čÖé

    1. Ankesh, your comment is right on the money. Yes, to “become better affiliate marketers” people need to learn about everything else than can help them achieve success.

      One of my main points/goals with, however, is to separate my personal brand (which is no longer about affiliate marketing only) from my corporate one (AM Navigator), which is still very much affiliate marketing-focused. Separation of blogging content (especially in cases when there are no immediate connections with (or implications for) the affiliate marketing industry) is one of the steps. Adding clearer links to publications, speaking engagements, etc is another.

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