Affiliate Management: Top 7 Presentations (Slides and Videos)

Affiliate management speakerI speak on affiliate management quite often. This is what I do daily, and this is also the topic to which most of my books were devoted to. In fact, up to this point, most of my public speaking engagements have been centered around the topic of effective management of affiliate programs.

Having just analyzed my most popular presentations on SlideShare and YouTube, two things jumped at me: (1) all of the most-frequently-viewed ones were devoted to affiliate management, and (2) all of them were presented at one conference — Affiliate Summit (between 2010 and 2015).

And, should you wonder, the cumulative viewership of these has already crossed the 50,000 views threshold.

Today I’d like to bring you my top 7 presentations (descriptions and slides for all, and videos where available), hoping that they will help you make your affiliate programs better steering them towards growth and incremental value. Here they are (ranked based on the view count at the time of this post’s publication):

– 1 –

Advanced Affiliate Program Management & Analysis

What is parasitism and channel cannibalization? What KPIs and metrics are important to analyze? How can competitive intelligence help you grow the program? We’ll tackle these & other vital questions.

– 2 –

22 Effective Ways to Recruit Quality Affiliates

There is an array of ways advertisers may recruit new affiliates. Unfortunately, most use only a few. This session will equip you with a rich arsenal of methods and tools to recruit quality affiliates.

– 3 –

5 Foundational Pillars of Affiliate Program’s Success

Affiliate program management entails 5 major processes: affiliate recruitment, activation, policing, communication, and optimization. Geno will equip you with knowledge to effectively handle all five.

– 4 –

Amazon vs. Walmart: Affiliate Marketing Lessons to Learn

One is the planet’s biggest online store; the other is the world’s largest company by revenue. Both engage affiliates to drive sales. Come to discover how & what practical lessons merchants can learn.

– 5 –

Affiliate Program Performance – a Shared Responsibility

Stop blaming the affiliate channel for not working, of working poorly, for you. Look at what you are doing to facilitate better conversions! Attend this session for practical “how to” knowledge.

– 6 –

20 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes To Avoid

We will cover 20 mistakes that affiliate managers routinely commit. Real life examples will be provided. You will take away practical knowledge, and a checklist to compare against your own style.

– 7 –

55 Must-Haves in Every Affiliate Manager’s Toolbox

Geno will uncover 55 tools that effective affiliate managers use to streamline processes of affiliate recruitment, compliance policing, communication, program optimization, and more.

Enjoy these, and should you have any affiliate management-related questions, do not hesitate to hit me up.