Speaking Engagements

Whether it is a conference, seminar, corporate training, or any other event, I’ll be happy to work with you.

I have been speaking internationally since 2007 (the list of my previous and upcoming speaking appearances may be found below), always delivering custom-developed thought-provoking, and motivating content on an array of topics. Every one of my speeches is custom-tailored to your audience’s needs, challenges, professional objectives, and subject awareness.


  • Online/Internet Marketing (trends, innovations, opportunities, etc)
  • Influencer Marketing (from beginner to advanced levels)
  • Advocacy Marketing
  • Affiliate/Performance Marketing (any facet)
  • Affiliate Program Management (anything from basics to advanced)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Personal Branding

Speech Examples

You may see me present in Russian here, speak some German here, open a speech in Romanian here, and some of my speeches in English (in which I deliver the vast majority of my speeches) on my YouTube channel here. Here is also an example of one of my speeches:

I am based in Boston (USA), but, as it is apparent from the below lists, happily travel both nationally, and internationally. If I am available on the dates of your event (check the list of my upcoming speaking engagements below), contact me today, and let’s discuss your needs.


There is plenty of feedback on me as a speaker in the Recommendations part of my LinkedIn profile. Here are a few:

Conference Organizers:

Geno is a true expert in performance-based marketing. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry and many years of practical hands-on experience with top brands. On stage, he is a consummate professional – articulate, clear, and passionate. He would be an asset to any digital marketing event – highly recommended! — Tim Ash (chairperson of Digital Growth Unleashed)

Geno has a reputation that precedes him from a decade of speaking on affiliate marketing, and he has long established himself as an expert and master practitioner. His seminal work, “A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing,” exposed him to a generation of early affiliate marketers, and his work since has been the foundation for a consistent stream educational sessions in the industry. He is regularly ranked at the top for speaker quality and presentation content in our attendee feedback. — Shawn Collins (co-CEO of Affiliate Summit conferences)

Great speech and training… Geno has great speaking skills and enormous practical knowledge. — Tomasz Frontczak (organizer of Search Marketing Day 2013 in Poznan, Poland)

Geno is a very passionate and professional speaker. He did a great keynote. — Aart Wallet (organizer of Affiliate Dag 2013 in Utrecht, the Netherlands)

Geno was a true value to the whole summit and gave one of the best lectures I ever heard… Highly recommended. — Eldad Ben Tora (organizer of Plimus Take Charge Summit in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel)


Really impressed… [The presentation] was full of relevant content and financially beneficial takeaways. I would recommend his presentations to anyone who has the opportunity to attend. — John Wright (attendee of Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas, USA)

Geno packed more valuable information in his single presentation than all of the others sessions put together. He is a brilliant speaker – able to hold the attention of both the novice and the expert affiliate manager. His slide presentation was bursting with practical, cutting-edge tools… Geno brings value to a conference making the travel and session expense worth the investment. — Kim Hess (attendee of Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas, USA)

Awesome! So much focus on practical knowledge… I left your presentation full of motivation and with a full notebook and a long list of to-dos. Thanks again! — Dannie Hansen (attendee of Performance Marketing Insights 2014 in Berlin, Germany)

Geno is not only a charismatic speaker but also a great teacher with his own very efficient pedagogical methods. A well-structured presentation with a very clear guiding thread, full of concrete examples. What effect? Knowledge and Inspiration. And both have a great value! Thanks Geno! — Svetlana Molyavkina (attendee of Performance Marketing Insights 2014 in Berlin, Germany)

Really interesting presentation… We are very lucky to have an speaker with this knowledge in Spain. — Sergio Molto (attendee of OMWeek 2013 in Madrid, Spain)

Geno is an excellent public speaker. …in 2013 I was lucky to see his presentations in Bucharest at GPeC Conference and at AM Days in London. He definitely knows how to keep an audience interested by delivering the right mixture of performance marketing insights, smart business rationals and valuable tips on how to increase your profits. — Dorin Boerescu

He is a true expert in the online field and his presentations are inspiring for the broader perspective and in details with usable examples. I really like his metaphors. They make the story personal and sparkling. — Koen van der Veer (on his experience at 2013 speeches in Utrecht and New York)

I had the privilege of hearing Geno as a speaker… it was a truly enjoyable experience. — Zvy Sharir (attendee of Plimus Take Charge Summit in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel)

I feel like I leaped ahead several years in wisdom, in just the time it takes to hear his well documented, thoughtful presentations. Geno truly has the ‘heart of a teacher’… — Raya Wasser (attendee of Affiliate Summit West 2010 in Las Vegas, USA)

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Previous Speaking Appearances

Again, if you want me to speak at your event email me today.

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