Affiliate Management: Top 7 Presentations (Slides and Videos)

Affiliate management speakerI speak on affiliate management quite often. This is what I do daily, and this is also the topic to which most of my books were devoted to. In fact, up to this point, most of my public speaking engagements have been centered around the topic of effective management of affiliate programs.

Having just analyzed my most popular presentations on SlideShare and YouTube, two things jumped at me: (1) all of the most-frequently-viewed ones were devoted to affiliate management, and (2) all of them were presented at one conference — Affiliate Summit (between 2010 and 2015).

And, should you wonder, the cumulative viewership of these has already crossed the 50,000 views threshold.

Today I’d like to bring you my top 7 presentations (descriptions and slides for all, and videos where available), hoping that they will help you make your affiliate programs better steering them towards growth and incremental value. Here they are (ranked based on the view count at the time of this post’s publication):

– 1 –

Advanced Affiliate Program Management & Analysis

What is parasitism and channel cannibalization? What KPIs and metrics are important to analyze? How can competitive intelligence help you grow the program? We’ll tackle these & other vital questions.

– 2 –

22 Effective Ways to Recruit Quality Affiliates

There is an array of ways advertisers may recruit new affiliates. Unfortunately, most use only a few. This session will equip you with a rich arsenal of methods and tools to recruit quality affiliates.

– 3 –

5 Foundational Pillars of Affiliate Program’s Success

Affiliate program management entails 5 major processes: affiliate recruitment, activation, policing, communication, and optimization. Geno will equip you with knowledge to effectively handle all five.

– 4 –

Amazon vs. Walmart: Affiliate Marketing Lessons to Learn

One is the planet’s biggest online store; the other is the world’s largest company by revenue. Both engage affiliates to drive sales. Come to discover how & what practical lessons merchants can learn.

– 5 –

Affiliate Program Performance – a Shared Responsibility

Stop blaming the affiliate channel for not working, of working poorly, for you. Look at what you are doing to facilitate better conversions! Attend this session for practical “how to” knowledge.

– 6 –

20 Affiliate Program Management Mistakes To Avoid

We will cover 20 mistakes that affiliate managers routinely commit. Real life examples will be provided. You will take away practical knowledge, and a checklist to compare against your own style.

– 7 –

55 Must-Haves in Every Affiliate Manager’s Toolbox

Geno will uncover 55 tools that effective affiliate managers use to streamline processes of affiliate recruitment, compliance policing, communication, program optimization, and more.

Enjoy these, and should you have any affiliate management-related questions, do not hesitate to hit me up.

¿Hablas español? Affiliate Marketing Interview in Spanish

Some of you may remember my Madrid keynote of Performance Marketing Day in 2013 and a corresponding interview in English leading up the show.

(Quizás algunos de ustedes se puedan acordar de mi presentación en el Performance Marketing Day en Madrid en 2013 y de mi entrevista en inglés antes de la conferencia.)

A year later I was approached by a Madrid-based publisher of an eCommerce-focused magazine, Digital Business News, and my interview (translated into Spanish this time) has just been published. You may download and read it by clicking the image below.

(Un año despues, me acercó Digital Business News, una editorial de Madrid que publica una revista sobre el comercio electrónico. Mi nueva entrevista, ahora traducida al español, ya está publicada. Hacen clic en la imagen abajo para descargarla.)

Prussakov - Spanish interview

Download PDF Here

Affiliate Marketing Books Not Just for Dummies… Best in E-Commerce

Affiliate marketing books may be split into two main categories: those written for affiliates (i.e. people interested in selling other people’s stuff and making money on commissions) and those published for merchants (i.e. online businesses interested in advertising through affiliates).

I’ve been writing for both groups since 2006. However, it is in the course of the past four years that my two more successful books came out: “Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Answers to the Questions You Should Be Asking” (for affiliates), and “Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day” (for merchants).

As of today, both are in the Top 10 Best E-Commerce books on Amazon:

If you could use a copy of one or the other, be my guest and grab one. If, however, you’ve already read either of these (or both!) I would highly appreciate you reviewing the respective one here or here.

AM Navigator Named Among Best Affiliate Management Agencies of 2013

While some would rank “best affiliate marketing companies” monthly (often bundling up affiliate program management (or OPM) agencies together with affiliate networks and other vendors in the space), it is the yearly rankings that are most honorable, in my opinion.

There are several of these around — from network specific to industry-wide ones. Among the latter ones in the U.S. are Affiliate Summit’s Pinnacle Awards and ABestWeb’s “The Best Of” Awards.

Myself (and my company, AM Navigator) had the honor of making the list of finalists for Affiliate Summit’s awards (including the 2013 inclusion in the “Affiliate Manager of the Year” category), but it’s been some time since AM Navigator was last nominated for “The OPM of the Year” award at After holding the award for three years in a row (2006, 2007, and 2008) I was thrilled to see us nominated again for 2013.

The voting closed yesterday, and I am happy to see that we, actually, came as #2 (gathering near 30% of all votes):

Thanks to Kush of VM Innovations (who himself holds an Affiliate Manager of the Year 2014 Pinnacle Award from Affiliate Summit) for his nomination, and big thanks to everyone who voted for me, my work, and my business here.

Congratulations also to Greg Hoffman for winning this one, and to all the other nominees. It is a truly amazing line-up of agencies and individuals. I am proud to personally know every one of them.

Excessive Shipping Costs – Top Reason for Shopping Cart Abandonment

I love Guinness.

However, ever since an Irish friend has recommended me to try Beamish, I’ve been asking about it in every grocery (and liquor) store around. Unfortunately, to no avail…

Finally, I’ve decided to look for it online. Luckily, I was able to find an online store — located within just 50 miles from me — that carried it. “Wow! How terrific!” I thought.

I added a four-pack to my shopping cart, and proceeded to checkout. Having reached the “Enter Zip for estimated shipping” field, I’ve entered mine, and oh my… Here’s what I’ve seen:

Did you know that 7 to 9 out of 10 online shopping carts get abandoned? Yes, between 70% and 88% of online customers leave the shopping cart without completing their purchase! And guess what the main reason is…

Per Forrester, the top reason for online shopping cart abandonment is excessive shipping costs with 44% of consumers dropping out under the shock of that “shipping and handling” field [more here]. ComScore echos these findings, revealing that as much as 55% of online customers abandon their shopping carts when shipping costs made “the total purchase cost more than expected” [more here]. My above case exemplifies it better than anything. Four pints of beer that cost $10 shouldn’t cost 246% of their price to ship — especially when I am only one-hour drive away from the store’s physical location.

If you run an online store, re-think your approach today. Whenever possible, offer free shipping (over a certain amount, of course) to (a) encourage greater spending, and (b) take the “shipping cost” stress out of the equation.