2 Keys to Selling on Twitter: Monitoring and Designing Conversations

Less than an hour ago I tweeted that I’ve booked my airfare and hotel for Affiliate Management Days West 2013. Very shortly after that Tweet, Mozio (which positions itself as an “airport ground transportation search engine”) tweeted right back at me:

Of course, I couldn’t help but notice this. Their Tweet was (a) relevant, (b) timely, and (c) hit the nail on the head. No, I didn’t have my ground transportation arranged yet. And guess, who I will use to find it now!

I also couldn’t help but recall Jeff Molander‘s advice. In his “Off the Hook Marketing” book he wrote:

The answer to selling more with social tools is rooted in starting conversations that are worth having, conversing in ways that align the needs of buyer and seller, and designing conversations with customers in ways that generate inquiries and sales.

The above-quoted startup has made a perfect example of a company that (i) monitors other people’s Twitter conversations, and (ii) chimes in when they have something relevant to offer. Are you utilizing these two simple keys to selling on Twitter yet?

2 Replies to “2 Keys to Selling on Twitter: Monitoring and Designing Conversations”

  1. Ah i so love it when they are fast and right on the money, while I understand that Marriott got involved later in the day (4-5 hours later) because they are mentioned twice I do have to give credit for Mozio for being so fast off the mark.

    It’s nice to see that Marriott offered a link to Bart but why not go the extra step and either offer to pick you up (upset taxis?) but actually tell you which line to catch and which station to stop at nearest their hotel. 1-2 minutes to check your reservation date and possible arrival time and they could have sent you a google maps link with airport to hotel directions if you hadn’t already booked with Mozio.

    The other advantage is that anyone else travelling to SF for your conference might also need those same directions and may also consider staying at the Marriott since they were ever so helpful. That extra step the Marriott could have taken since they already had your details makes the difference between a good response and a great response.

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